We design what we can buy 

We have a mission to design furniture for everyone. We are a group of designers and makers specialized in quality custom made furniture. At some point, we got chatting about the fact that we couldn’t afford the pieces we were making for our clients. 

We decided to get together and use design to solve the problem, optimizing resources to reduce manufacturing costs, but without losing out on quality and sustainability.

Estantería magaru como mesilla

This is how we build

All the MAGARU pieces are manufactured using laser cut and bending the steel. Back in our workshop we give the final touches, like softening sharp edges or removing any imperfections. This allows us to quality check each piece before sending it to paint.


Mesa auxiliar almacenada antes de pintar

Testing Magaru

We have used all the pieces in our offices and homes. We have tested them in extreme circunstances to make sure you can enjoy each MAGARU piece safely.

We test everyproduct to make sure you will get the best quality